Aquaphor RO-101S Morion Reverse Osmosis System.
Compact, productive, and water-efficient RO system with 5-liter storage tank.
A versatile reverse osmosis system that relieves your water from contaminants and enriches it with healthy minerals.

MVR 4200.00

(GST Inclusive)
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Product Description

Aquaphor RO-101S Morion Reverse Osmosis System

Aquaphor RO-101S Morion Reverse Osmosis System covers all household water purification issues and completely replaces premium bottled water.
The quality of the incoming water does not matter, the RO-101S Morion membrane is a long-lasting shield against toxic substances, heavy metals, pesticides, bacteria, and viruses. The system is designed differently compared to the classic RO systems.
Thanks to its innovative water-on-water tank, it takes up half the space under the sink, saves up to 9 tons of water per year, and works even at low pressure in the water supply. The savings compared to buying bottled water are significant with guaranteed high-quality cleaning.


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The uncompromising water efficiency of this RO filter is provided by the innovative water-on-water storage tank, which has a range of specific benefits. Thanks to the unique tank design, the model features reduced drainage water loss as compared to the classic ROs.

Unlike the most used RO air-on-water tanks, it fully utilizes the whole internal volume of water storage, saves on water consumption for up to 9 tons per year compared to water-on-air tank systems, and provides filtration speed twice higher than that of the ytaditional RO systems.

Saves up to 9 tons of water annually

At the mineralization stage, the concentrations of Calcium and Magnesium are optimized, depending on the initial water hardness.

Clean water, which is enriched with magnesium, brings health benefits and helps in daily culinary efforts. Ordinary purified water tastes better with magnesium. Some drinks taste better too. Coffee lovers know that the right balance of magnesium will significantly improve the impression of the cup.

Optimal Mg and Ca mineralization

Magnesium also helps your body to maintain high energy levels and a good mood daily.

Hard water distorts the taste of many dishes, coffee, and tea. It is also a threat to some home appliances.

Coffee machines, electric kettles, and other kitchenware may suffer from scale build-ups and film in hard water.

Soft water for best tasting food and drinks

The most effective method to deal with scale and bring the taste of food to a higher level is reverse osmosis filtration.

The model stays efficient even when the water pressure starts from 2 ATM (atmospheres worth of air pressure).

There is no need in additional electric pump or electricity.

Operates at low tap pressure without electricity
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With RO-101S Morion there is enough clean, soft, and tasty water for drinking, cooking, baby food, and home appliances.
Morion completely removes hardness salts from the water, which means it will provide a longer life for the coffee machine, kettle, iron, and steamer.
The humidifier will no longer cover the furniture with white dust.

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Aquaphor RO-101S Morion Reverse Osmosis System

Product Features

Protection against bacteria and viruses 99,99 %
Clean water storage tank 5 L
Healthy minerals Mg2+, Ca2+
No limescale Fresh tasty water
Filtration speed 190 L/day (50 gallons per day)
Permeate recovery up to 60%
No Electricity required Operates at low tap pressure without electricity or pump
Purified Water to Drainage Ratio 1:4 - 1:6
Pressure Minimum 2 Bar, Maximum 6.5 Bar
System Type Reverse Osmosis
Limescale prevention No limescale deposits
Removes chlorine Yes
Mineral balancing Yes
Replace Filters without tools Yes
Replacement Filters K2, K5, K7M & RO-50S
Aquaphor RO-101S Morion Reverse Osmosis System