Sauleda Nautic Fabric
Sauleda Nautic Fabric is a luxury fabrics line that gives best results while withstanding the harshest marine conditions.

Product Description

Sauleda Nautic Fabric

Sauleda Nautic Fabric is a luxury fabrics line that gives the best results in multiple uses in the nautical sector.

Fabrics made to withstand the harshest marine conditions. Sauleda Nautic fabrics include multiple qualities and treatments to face the most demanding environments, guaranteeing an excellent performance.

Palm Tree Marine is the Authorised Distributor for Sauleda in Maldives.

Available Collections
Masacril Sauleda Nautic Fabric Collection
Upholstery Sauleda Nautic Fabric Collection
Deck Sauleda Nautic Fabric Collection


It is supplied in 4 ranges: NORMAL, SPECIAL, PLUS NORMAL AND PLUS SPECIAL. All the Masacril Normal fabrics have a finish that gives them considerable resistance to stains, increases their colorfastness and extends the life of the fabrics.

Masacril is the luxury acrylic fabrics collection that gives the best performance in countless applications in the nautical sector.

Masacril has excellent qualities: durability, high UV resistance, air permeability, water tightness, resistance to Mould, lightweight and easy maintenance. All the above, together with 100% solution dyed acrylic fiber, makes it the best nautical fabric par excellence. No other fabric has been able to surpass it in over three decades.

• Masacril Special

Its special resin-coated finish gives the Masacril Special fabrics a series of properties and a resistance higher than 1000 mm. Its extensive color range makes it the ideal fabric for obtaining excellent results in the presence of water.


Upholstery Sauleda Nautic Fabric Collection

The marine world is an experience that awakens the senses. Settle into our upholstery fabrics to enjoy the roar of the waves, the taste of the salty sea and the heartbeat of your new adventure.


Agora is the 100% solution dyed acrylic in & out fabric collection created for use in indoor and outdoor upholstery.

Eliminating the distance between indoors and outdoors. Only brings benefits; the fabrics are of the highest quality and resistant to outdoor conditions, breathable and include treatments to prevent Mould and condensation due to heat and moisture. As a result, the fabrics are more durable, and their color are deeper.

Waterproof Agora finished fabric, resists a water column of 1.000 mm.


It is not necessary to dive into the sea to feel part of it. With our Deck fabric you can experience a full marine experience.

Deck is the new luxury range fabric collection for nautical applications. It is manufactured using the latest fabric structure techniques, which considerably increases the fabric’s mechanical resistance.

Deck gives the highest performance in nautical sector uses and is the perfect solution for protecting boats. Specially designed to withstand adverse weather conditions, it has a natural appearance, an agreeable texture, elegant design, is lightweight and provides thermal comfort in any type of boat.

• Deck Pro

Deck Pro has a TREND type print and a more pronounced relief in keeping with new market trends.

The upper side of the fabric is coated using a special formulation that gives it unparalleled properties in marine environments, with excellent results: durability, high resistance to UV radiation and solid colors. It is also supplied with a specific anti-Mould treatment for marine environments. The bottom side of the polyester fabric is protected by a clear waterproofing film that is totally water-repellent.


Sauleda Nautic Fabric
Sauleda Nautic Fabric