EPIRB1 – EPIRB1 – World’s most compact Emergency Position Indication Radio Beacon

World’s most compact Emergency Position Indication Radio Beacon or EPIRB, the EPIRB1 provides peace of mind with an impressive 10 year battery life, in addition to superb operating life when activated, keeping rescue services updated with your location for longer. The world’s most compact EPIRB can always be on hand, as its small size allows it to be easily retained within its quick release bracket or placed in an emergency grab-bag or life raft.

The rescueME EPIRB1 operates in the 406MHz satellite band. This band comprises the international distress frequencies that are constantly monitored by Cospas-Sarsat, the international search, and rescue satellite operator, ensuring a rapid response when a signal is received, no matter where it is in the world.


Approved Beacon by Cospas-Sarsat.

Approved for use on SOLAS vessels.

Most compact Float Free EPIRB / 30% Smaller Footprint (typically).

State of the art 66 channel GPS receiver for fast and accurate position acquisition.

Retractable antenna, Quick release bracket & Secure lanyard

High-intensity strobe lights.

10 Year Battery Life.

Intuitive operating controls protected from accidental activation.

Meets or exceeds all International standards including IMO and GMDSS

Category 2 Class 2 EPIRB, Auto activates on immersion

Non-hazardous battery

This EPIRB is fitted with a 121.5MHz homing beacon used by rescue services for close-in location of vessels in distress. In addition, the EPIRB is fitted with a high brightness LED strobe light for additional impact, especially at night. For emergency situations where a user is not physically able to reach the EPIRB in time.

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EPIRB1 – World’s most compact Emergency Position Indication Radio Beacon