Aquaphor RO-101S Morion Reverse Osmosis System.

Aquaphor RO-101S Morion Reverse Osmosis System covers all household water purification issues and completely replaces premium bottled water. The quality of the incoming water does not matter, the RO-101S Morion membrane is a long-lasting shield against toxic substances, heavy metals, pesticides, bacteria, and viruses.

The system is designed differently compared to the classic RO systems.

Thanks to its innovative water-on-water tank, it takes up half the space under the sink, saves up to 9 tons of water per year, and works even at low pressure in the water supply. The savings compared to buying bottled water are significant with guaranteed high-quality cleaning.


With RO-101S Morion there is enough clean, soft, and tasty water for drinking, cooking, baby food, and home appliances. Morion completely removes hardness salts from the water, which means it will provide a longer life for the coffee machine, kettle, iron, and steamer. The humidifier will no longer cover the furniture with white dust.


Aquaphor RO-101S Morion Reverse Osmosis System.

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