Golights are designed for use in all weather conditions. These units feature remote control operation that enhances durability, more precise pan/tilt control, and an updated exterior design.


– Wirless or Hardwired Remote Control Options.

– Permanent or Portable Mounting Options.

– Permanent: Stainless Steel Mounting Bracket.

– Portable: Industrial Strength Magnetic Grip.

– 370º Rotation x 135º Tilt.

– Halogen or LED.

– Ingress Protection from Dust.

– High Torque Drive Train with precise Pan/Tilt Control.

– UV Ray and Saltwater Resistant.


– Wireless Remote Control Only

– Permanent or Portable Mounting Options

– 370º Rotation x 135º Tilt

– Halogen or LED

– New ability to simultaneously Pan+Tilt

– Smart Programming Logic, simple pairing without dip-switches

– Multiple useres can operate lights in close proximity without interference

– Multiple Light Selector Function, allows for independent control of 2 lights with 1 remote

– UV Ray & Saltwater Resistant

– Weather proof for land and Sea Application

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